Monday, March 15, 2010

When Friendship Turns Into Love

We call a person a friend when we care about that person; we absolutely trust him/her and know that he or she will be around when we are in a precarious position. A good friend knows you well and you tell him/her stuff that you wouldn't dream about telling about even to the love of your life.
Love is one relationship that transcends friendship. We give our mind, heart and soul to nurture love. Love also involves a physical element which is not there in friendship. Love gone sour causes heartbreak and humans take a long time to recover from the blow. However love gives us a reason to live and people who in love are at peace with the world and feel complete.
Most of our trusted friends or best friends are people from the same sex. However in many cases people might have a best friend from the opposite sex. You might think the person of as your buddy and might not think of him or her romantically. However if your love life is not something you want to talk about and you are growing older and you finally feel it's time to settle down and to be with one whom you know, then is she the one for you?
Here are the ways to turn friendship into a relationship:
1)Finding someone understanding, caring and loving is impossible. You know your friend like the back of your palm. You know about his/her past relationships, hobbies, dreams and the works. It is logical that you will have a great relationship ahead because you share the same mental space.
2)Proposing to that person would not be tough, since you know the person well. If you are a man instead of proposing her wildly like going down on a knee or with flowers. You can meet up at your favorite hangout spot and broach her about you guys getting into a relationship. You logically explain to her about why this would work fine for the both of you. A lady thinks a lot before getting into a relationship, because gives her best to build the relationship.
3) The last advice would be a tricky, if you have been in any past relationship and explained the lurid details to your friend, and then there might be some friction because of this affair. You must truthfully explain your exact feelings about your past relationship, and ask him/her to help you out. It would be useless lying because the person knows very well to see through that pretense
If you are romantically inclined towards that person, then go for it and use the above mentioned techniques. If not you might regret it later.

Essence of True and Everlasting Friendship

Friendship is a blessing in disguise. It is a dynamic mutual relationship between two persons who share their life as well as their souls. It is one relationship in life that we choose. Before we enter this world, God already records in His book who are parents will be, who are brothers, and relatives will be. It is also believed that marriages are also made in heaven; this means God's record book also has a mention of who our life partner will be. The only relationship that we have the freedom to choose is friendship.
Different people define friendship in different ways. For some it is trust, for some companionship, for some its unconditional love, for some it's just a feeling, and for some it is life. In all definitions, the essence of friendship remains the same. Trust comes when you feel close a person and feel love for that person. You feel like sharing your secrets and every move of your life with that person. This connection makes you feel passionate and strengthens the bond your share. At a time when you feel intimate and place your trust on someone, in return you give unconditional love and selfless care and if required you also be ready to sacrifice your life for your friend. This complete symphony of unconditional love, blind faith, deep understanding, and selfless care forms the base of true and everlasting friendship.
Friendship is like a tree that has to be nurtured with warmth, sunlight, and care. These ingredients are essential for healthy growth of any relationship. The love in your heart should be deeply etched like the deep rooted seeds of the tree. As the tree grow stronger and bigger of the seeds are soiled properly, so does the tree of friendship. Its strength and power is attributed to the intensity of love and care deeply rooted in your heart.
When you have good friends you feel secure and comfortable with them. The entire world looks like a merry-go-round when you have true friends beside you. When in pain they'll heal you, when in sorrow they'll give you smile, when in worry they'll give you hope, and when lost they'll give you a new dawn to start afresh. They form a channel of love and affection that help you go through all trial and tribulation with ease and comfort. Not only they make your journey easy but they also give you wings to reach the horizon. What else a man needs for survival? What is more comforting than a true friend beside you during worst phases of life?
Among all the relationships existing in the world, friendship is the only one that is unconditional and survives the hardship of time. And to know the true essence of friendship you need to have a true friend with whom you can conquer the world. This special bonding between friends is a priceless treasure that stays with you in under all the situations of life. It fills your life with affection, love, care, charm, and loads of fun.