Monday, December 27, 2010

The Secret Art of Lovemaking

Lovemaking is an art form that should be enjoyed by both parties of the sexual encounter and can take part for many reasons. There is the art of lovemaking to conceive a child, in which case it can be preset to specific times of the month and may not necessarily be the most romantic of occasions. Then there is the art of lovemaking for fun and this can prove to be a very enjoyable experience indeed, especially when both halves of the couple are left satisfied by the occasion.
Lovemaking is not always down to the final climax however, and in many same sex couples the art of lovemaking does not rely on one or both parties reaching this sexual peak. It should be a time in which you are in enjoyment of your partner in all of their glory, touching them and caressing them in a way in which shows your love and adoration of them. Of course there is the lovemaking, which is down to pure lust and does not always follow the pattern of love, but can still be satisfying nevertheless.
With regards to pleasuring your partner and getting the art of lovemaking down to a perfect match between the two of you, you must first communicate with them and find out what they enjoy and what they do not have such fun with. This could be a combination of many things including positions which they like to use in lovemaking, the pace, whether or no they like to adorn outfits which are pleasing to the eyes and so on. Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes down to the art of lovemaking and what works for one person is probably not going to work for another, so therefore communication is essential to ensure that both parties are sexually satisfied.
As well as communication being a vital piece to the art of lovemaking puzzle, there is always consideration. This is very important within any relationship whether it is a sexual one or not but even more so with a relationship that includes lovemaking. If one person does not enjoy talking dirty during sex then they should not be pressured into doing so as this can make them feel uncomfortable and therefore not enjoy the sexual encounter. The art of lovemaking is one that can only be learnt with time and experience and one is expected to get better at this as time goes on.
Partners that have been together for a while tend to have the art of lovemaking perfect and they know what gets their partner sexually aroused and also how to get them to their sexual peak or orgasm. As time goes by and more frequent lovemaking occurs, the two partners will merge into one, knowing how the other likes to be touched, kissed, spoken to and suchlike. This makes for fantastic lovemaking and it is at this time that the couple realise they have perfected the art of lovemaking and this can make for a long and happy, and also monogamous relationship for a long time to come.

A Love Making Tip Can Make All the Difference

Monthly magazines carry the latest gossip on celebrities, beauty tips and new developments that women like to read and are informed about. Any love making tip that is new and never tried before comes up for speculation. We discuss with our close friends and share our opinions, frivolous or sincere.
What is important is, making the best of any information, we receive. Today, we can expand our knowledge, practically overnight, on matters that are general or personal. The internet opens up a whole new vista of unimaginable techniques and sex positions that people try out to make their lovemaking unique and exciting. Some of the positions may require you to be a contortionist.
When you exercise, you make sure you get all those various muscle groups in your body to work optimally. If you maintain a good diet while you exercise, you would ensure that you are in top shape and capable of extending the duration of your lovemaking so that you can pleasure your partner to the maximum before you reach your orgasm. Take advantage of the little nuggets of information that you gather and even if a love making tip can help make your love life transcend to a higher plan, do not hesitate to try it out.
Most men feel if they are well endowed, it is half the battle won. They are chauvinistic enough to think that women would drool over their physique and claw their way to being seen with them in public. This could probably be the first and only time it happens. If you are unable to satisfy your woman and selfishly orgasm just when she is ready to reach her peaks, you could probably be on your last leg as far as she is concerned.
Be alert to her body language when you are arousing her sexual desires. If she happens to whisper a love making tip in your ear, do not discard it. She may be inadvertently telling you what her preferences are. Make sure you are attentive to her needs if you want to be the super stud in her life and never have her leave you for another.