Monday, December 27, 2010

The Secret Art of Lovemaking

Lovemaking is an art form that should be enjoyed by both parties of the sexual encounter and can take part for many reasons. There is the art of lovemaking to conceive a child, in which case it can be preset to specific times of the month and may not necessarily be the most romantic of occasions. Then there is the art of lovemaking for fun and this can prove to be a very enjoyable experience indeed, especially when both halves of the couple are left satisfied by the occasion.
Lovemaking is not always down to the final climax however, and in many same sex couples the art of lovemaking does not rely on one or both parties reaching this sexual peak. It should be a time in which you are in enjoyment of your partner in all of their glory, touching them and caressing them in a way in which shows your love and adoration of them. Of course there is the lovemaking, which is down to pure lust and does not always follow the pattern of love, but can still be satisfying nevertheless.
With regards to pleasuring your partner and getting the art of lovemaking down to a perfect match between the two of you, you must first communicate with them and find out what they enjoy and what they do not have such fun with. This could be a combination of many things including positions which they like to use in lovemaking, the pace, whether or no they like to adorn outfits which are pleasing to the eyes and so on. Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes down to the art of lovemaking and what works for one person is probably not going to work for another, so therefore communication is essential to ensure that both parties are sexually satisfied.
As well as communication being a vital piece to the art of lovemaking puzzle, there is always consideration. This is very important within any relationship whether it is a sexual one or not but even more so with a relationship that includes lovemaking. If one person does not enjoy talking dirty during sex then they should not be pressured into doing so as this can make them feel uncomfortable and therefore not enjoy the sexual encounter. The art of lovemaking is one that can only be learnt with time and experience and one is expected to get better at this as time goes on.
Partners that have been together for a while tend to have the art of lovemaking perfect and they know what gets their partner sexually aroused and also how to get them to their sexual peak or orgasm. As time goes by and more frequent lovemaking occurs, the two partners will merge into one, knowing how the other likes to be touched, kissed, spoken to and suchlike. This makes for fantastic lovemaking and it is at this time that the couple realise they have perfected the art of lovemaking and this can make for a long and happy, and also monogamous relationship for a long time to come.

A Love Making Tip Can Make All the Difference

Monthly magazines carry the latest gossip on celebrities, beauty tips and new developments that women like to read and are informed about. Any love making tip that is new and never tried before comes up for speculation. We discuss with our close friends and share our opinions, frivolous or sincere.
What is important is, making the best of any information, we receive. Today, we can expand our knowledge, practically overnight, on matters that are general or personal. The internet opens up a whole new vista of unimaginable techniques and sex positions that people try out to make their lovemaking unique and exciting. Some of the positions may require you to be a contortionist.
When you exercise, you make sure you get all those various muscle groups in your body to work optimally. If you maintain a good diet while you exercise, you would ensure that you are in top shape and capable of extending the duration of your lovemaking so that you can pleasure your partner to the maximum before you reach your orgasm. Take advantage of the little nuggets of information that you gather and even if a love making tip can help make your love life transcend to a higher plan, do not hesitate to try it out.
Most men feel if they are well endowed, it is half the battle won. They are chauvinistic enough to think that women would drool over their physique and claw their way to being seen with them in public. This could probably be the first and only time it happens. If you are unable to satisfy your woman and selfishly orgasm just when she is ready to reach her peaks, you could probably be on your last leg as far as she is concerned.
Be alert to her body language when you are arousing her sexual desires. If she happens to whisper a love making tip in your ear, do not discard it. She may be inadvertently telling you what her preferences are. Make sure you are attentive to her needs if you want to be the super stud in her life and never have her leave you for another.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tips on Love, Dating, and Relationships

If there was one thing that I have noticed when browsing through various relationship help forums, it is that there are too many people who post relationship problems, issues and dating concerns about their partner for the entire world to see. Yet they do not actually talk with their partner about these issues. This is not a good way to handle a relationship.
Love, dating relationships, or even casual dating for that matter will only survive if you can communicate everything with your partner. Communication is often said to be the single most important part of a relationship. It helps both people involved in the relationship be happier and it helps the relationship progress. If you are unable to speak to your partner about what is bothering you, your relationship will not survive.
Communication is a great way to get to know someone, love someone, and grow old with someone. The first few months are just as important as 5 years down the road. Relationship expert Michael Webb, author of the Relationship EBook Collection agrees. If you want a relationship to last past the first few months you need to be natural, confident, and you need to communicate with your partner.
Do not stop going out on dates together after the first few months. Many people think that dating is only necessary for the first couple of months in the relationship. This is not true. If you want your relationship to stay fresh and exciting, you should continue going on dates whether your relationship is six months old or sixty years old. Otherwise, you run the risk of the relationship becoming boring to both of you, and you may start picking fights.
Remember that in a relationship, communication is the most important aspect if you want to make the relationship a healthy one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Romance Stories - Looking For Love

Hot romance stories available today range from gentle and sensitive erotic fiction to love between fantastic creatures and sex games that stretch the imagination. They invite readers to experience adventures beyond their normal lives.
Some classics in hot fiction, like 'Story of O' (by French author Anne Desclos, who wrote under the pen name Pauline Reage - English version published 1965) may not be readily available (you can probably find a second hand copy). 'Story of O' was an enormous commercial success and even won a literary prize. However, there are many other erotic novels which are available today. Regrettably, they may sell strongly but are often written with less psychological insight and without its calm, almost emotionless, elegant style.
Hot romance novels today have considerable freedom in the creation of the leading characters. Some are fairly 'realistic', as with cowboys, cops and soldiers, but nonetheless possessing great sexual appeal. Others involve the imagination and delve into fantasy. There is an abundance of vampires, werewolves, demon-slayers and even feline-based characters. The women are often - though not always - beautiful and invariably have a great longing and a yearning for love.
Some author's write prolifically in this genre and don't feel the need to be realistic, yet provide characters that readers can still identify with, as in 'Pleasure Unbound', by Larissa Ione. The heroine is a demon-slayer with a great sexual thirst that is denied her. Unfortunately, the character with greatest appeal for her is a hot demon!
Lora Leigh is another who writes extensively and with great imagination. In 'The Man Within', the man loved by the heroine belongs to a genetically altered Feline Breed whose presence has alarmed the world. In 'Guilty Pleasures' the women have husbands or lovers who are members of an exclusive and select "Club," where a third party is invited into their beds.
Some have produced a new version of familiar stories. For instance, ' 'Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women' by Nancy Madore. She has assembled some of the world's best known fairy tales into an erotic collection.
Others like to tempt controversy. In 'Bedroom Bully', by Trista Russell, the novel is, in essence, a romantic suspense novel. However, a key feature has the heroine falling in love and becoming passionately involved with the man who has taken her captive!
Not to be overlooked are the scenes described by Lorelei James. In 'Tied Up, Tied Down', the action is played out cowboy style as the hero uses rope to keep the heroine 'tied' to him in no-holds-barred sex games.
Hot romance is clearly alive and flourishing, as well as being eagerly read by millions of fans who enjoy a touch of erotica with their bedtime reading.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dating and Selective Love

Every single man and woman is after finding love and engaging in dating exercises. The fact is that each person the world over, from the Himalayas to the last street of Kano in Nigeria, everyone is after love and dating. Forging a wholesome relationship that might just lead to the bliss of matrimony is what they are after. It is the hope of every human since person whom can love with all their heart and one who can reciprocate the same. It is the urge and want of every human being. The problem is that it is not everyone whom, our hearts should be checking out. It is that individual who we are attracted to, and likewise, depicts some form of attraction towards us.

Someone you would like to begin dating and know each other well. That is the source of all love and trust. Finding that person with whom there is a balance that exists between the two of you, something that makes you to just trust each other. That thing which makes you to just want to be in the hands of one another to the last day of your life must be present. That is the conclusion. You must then apply mechanisms of going about finding that person who makes you feel like a king or queen, that person who will transform your life.

The best way towards finding and the cradle of dating such a person is applying the selective love and doing it selectively. You can't avoid it as such, since your heart is always carrying out selective choosing of those things that will make you to be favorable to someone. It is the power of selective dating that you should try to have, through attracting the birds of a feather. It is tantamount to a magnet being attracted by iron and not steel. It means that each person attracts a specific group of people, people who wield certain qualities that you desire.

It is the work that many dating matchmakers are used to. They look selectively for those qualities that make you favorable in the eyes of another person. It is the point that a person after selective choosing and dating must have in mind. You must be able to know what kind of people you attract in your aura. Some single men and women attract desperate housewives who can't give them anything that is long lasting; they seem to find something in your character that their husband lacks.

Another click of people has the habit of attracting single mothers, women who have already given birth. This might be a sign that you exude confidence in the presence of people and that is the reason they want more of you. They want to begin dating you right away. There are different types of females that attract the worst kind of males, from gangsters, drug addicts to people with aggressive behaviors. This might not be the kind of persons you should be seen dating. They suggest something in selective dating, that there is a pigment of your character that is always attracting a certain type of humanity.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Secret of Love

Love. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word? Anger? Romance? Enjoyment? Our emotions are automatically triggered, faulting our judgment at the very moment it crosses our mind.
The ProblemIn today's society of television and the Internet, life is exaggerated to its greatest extent. When you wake up in the morning and turn on the TV, what's on? Some soup opera about a steamy romance gone wrong. In the afternoon, we see talk shows about a woman who has cheated on her husband and doesn't know who her baby's father is. Then, in the evening we see either an out of shape husband with a super model wife who never get along or a nighttime drama about men and women having flings.
The SolutionThe answer is not simple. After years of watching television, movies, and reading books, we are tainted with false-truths which distort our thinking. Once we find someone, we never stop wondering whether this person is cheating or if they are real.
So how do we stop this from happening?We don't! We let our lives be our lives and not let our minds get in the way. We try to realize that television is just television and the Internet is just the Internet. Just because Sally Jane's husband is cheating on her doesn't mean that your boyfriend is doing the same. Not all men are the same, no matter what your mother told you. And sorry guys, but not all women are the same either.
So where do I find love?Love is everywhere! It's at the grocery store, at the gym, even at the gas station. There isn't a set time or place where love happens.
What if I meet one person, then a few months later fall for someone else?Just because you believed you met the perfect person, then later find you don't match doesn't mean you are a bad person or that you should give up. In fact, check it off as a learning experience. The more bad relationships you have the more you grow as a person; you start to learn more about what your likes and dislikes and how to find out more.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Value of Friendship

Throughout the course of your life, there are many times when you need assistance. This assistance may be as much as help during a crisis or a simple, non-threatening ear. In order to get this much needed assistance, you can ask or seek help from strangers but you may not be comfortable with them or are afraid to really trust them because you do not know them. There are other options, however, that can provide you with help whether that is emotional, financial advice, or a non-judgemental ear.
The option that doesn't cost you a cent, or cause family related issues when you reveal some concerns about others is to turn to a good friend. A lot of people tell me that they have a lot of good friends but I really doubt this is true. And, over the course of many, many years, and through several challenging issues, I can tell you from experience that my really good friends have been counted on only one hand. So, what do I consider as a really good friend? The distinction in defining a friend must be clearly distinguished from acquaintances, of which we all have many.
To me, a really good friend offers a non-judgemental, non-threatening demeanour; one who is willing and able to attend to your requirements without thought of compensation or without the assumption that you will owe them in return. A true friend values you as much as you value them. A true friend is there for you no matter the time, circumstances or need. They do not choose when to help, in fact, they offer their help even before you ask.
Over the years, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have several really good friends that have stepped up to what I need no matter when or how difficult. These kinds of friendships are invaluable; you could never put a price on these people nor would they want you to. In return, I'm sure that for those really great friends you are the same to them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Test a Man's Love For You!

Sometimes you feel that being in love is not enough. You know that you love him and he says that he does too. But you really aren't sure if he is really in love with you or not, so you decide to test him, but how? Here are some of the things that are good enough to test his love for you.

Check his eyes
What is it that you see when you look into his eyes? His eyes give you a glimpse of what is there in his soul and every time that he looks at you do you find his face and his eyes lighting up. If his eyes light up on seeing you he has passed the test of love.

Does he act possessive
Ask one of your office colleagues or one of your friends to act in a slightly flirtatious manner with you in front of your man. See how he reacts. If he accepts the flirting as harmless but still acts a little possessive and jealous then he definitely has passed your love test.

Is he introducing you to his family and friends
Ask him about his friends and family and see how he reacts. Tell him that you would definitely like to meet them someday. See his reaction and gauge. If he is positive about doing so then he has passed.

Is he willing to talk about your future together
Talk about some of your friends getting married or talk of a couple who has grown old together, and see how he reacts to that. If he is willing to talk about your future together with him then he is definitely in love with you.

is he ready to talk about his childhood
Try and talk to him about his childhood and see if he is willing to open up to you. If he willingly talks about it then he loves you enough to let you into his world. If he doesn't then his love for you isn't that advanced yet. With time he will let you into his inner world. You just have to work hard for it.

Is he willing to make a sacrifice for you
Asking a man to make a sacrifice for you is one of the surest ways to test his love for you. Ask him for a small sacrifice like not watching a ball game just to spend time with you. If he is willing to do that to make you happy then he is in love with you.

Can he pass the loyalty test
Ask one of your close friends to hit on him. If he doesn't hit back on her and comes and tells you about it then he has passed the test of love

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Explaining Love in Words

Is it possible to love someone and deliberately lie to them? Love is...bearing all things. That means putting up with each other's faults. No one is perfect. Love is...believing all things. It doesn't mean we have doubt about someone. We should be able to take what someone says at face value.
It is trust. Love is...hopeful in all things. It's knowing that everything will work out for the best.
Love is...enduring. That means it puts up with the little things that drive us crazy. Love is...never failing.
Love is real when it can stand up to all these things. It looks for the best in others and brings these things out.
True love can stand the test of time. Being with someone for a long period of time allows you to go through different emotions and periods with that person. If your heart has the strength to weather through these different experiences with your lover, then both you and the relationship will grow stronger.
Love doesn't mean that your lover has the responsibility to keep you happy and vice versa.
The only person who has the responsibility to make you happy is yourself. While you and your lover can make each other "happier", you shouldn't be solely dependent on each other for happiness.
The couples who end up being happy together are made up of individuals who were happy to begin with. Keeping yourself happy is a hard enough responsibility, don't make it harder for yourself by letting another person's happiness be your responsibility too.
Love is sublime. Love gives power. Love gives determination. In love, many lovers do what they could never dream of.
Empires have been sacrificed for love. Battles have been fought for love. Love has ruled mankind since ages. Those who experience love are truly lucky. Real love is supportive. Love yourself, love your dream, love your mission, love your life, and surely enough, a wonderful person will show up and love you even more.
Love is best seen as devotion and action, not an emotion. Love is not exclusively based on how we feel.
Certainly our emotions are involved, but they cannot be our only criteria for love. True devotion will always lead to action - true love.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. ... Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
Love is friendship set on fire." - unknown "Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing." - Goethe
"To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia." - H.L. Mencken Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside." - Margaret Walker
"Love has no awareness of merit or demerit; it has no scale... Love loves; this is its nature." - Howard Thurman
"Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end." - Anonymous "Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other." - Rainer Maria Rilke
"Where love is, no room is too small." - Talmud
"Loves makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place." - Zora Neale Hurston "Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." - Mark Twain
First and foremost focus on yourself. Your dreams, your goals, your truth. Somebody who really loves you will love you even more if you are being your true self. Someone who cannot love you when you follow your excitement is not worth being loved by you! If your husband is angry with you because you take time to achieve your goals, then he is not supportive. If your wife is jealous because you have success and she doesn’t, then that is her problem. Don’t lose yourself, and your love will last. Focus on the reason why YOU are here on earth, make your mission the first priority in your life, and you will be loved for WHO you are.
This is real love. Real love is supportive. Love yourself, love your dream, love your mission, love your life, and surely enough, a wonderful person will show up and love you even more. What you are able to give to yourself, you will get back thousandfold from the outside world. If you are already in the energy of love, by simply loving yourselfArticle Submission, then you will attract love from outside into your life. Make love last by loving yourself first. Love Love Love...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Develop Healthy and Fulfilling Relationships

Everyone wants to have and build healthy relationships and believe it or not, it is up to you to decide if you are going to have a healthy relationship or not. Right from the onset of a relationship you should thrive for one thing. To have a healthy relationship with your mate. Here are a few tips you can use to build a healthy relationship with your partner. From the beginning of a relationship you should try as hard as you cannot to listen to what people have to say about your partner. This is because though there are people who want the best for you, there are others who would love to have nothing more than destroying your relationship. When you start listening to people the more fights you will have and that is not healthy.

Build healthy relationships by fighting in a fair way. When you have a fight, do not call your partner names. As much as you think words cannot hurt and that they are just words you are wrong. Some things you will say to your partner when you are having a fight are permanently destroying, you might never know this but you will definitely notice after the fight. You might never get to have the same kind of relationship after a fight because your partner might never trust you enough to know what you will do or say. When you loose trust in a relationship that is the begin of trouble and so it should be your job not to loose it and the best way not to loose it is to avoid fighting unfairly where by you call your partner names.

Build healthy relationships by being concerned. You should always show general concern for your mate. A healthy relationship is one that is built on general concern from both parties. The moment you stop showing interest in what ever your partner is doing the two of you are on your way to an unhealthy relationship. Always try t keep the communication line open between the two of you. This is because the more you communicate with your partner in making them know about your fears, your expectations, your failures and achievements the more you are on your way to a wonderful and fulfilling relationship. Couple who have closed communication lines are known to experience a lot of problems than those who are in open relationships. strive to be communicative with your partner right from the beginning and incase you loose the communication, try hard to get into again.

Forgiveness is also a key to build healthy relationships. When your partner does something wrong or hurtful you should forgive them. Holding a grudge will not help you much. It will only hurt your relationship even more. Do not keep a grudge for something your partner did months ago even if it is something as big as cheating. If you can not forgive him or her, you are better of leaving than staying with them because your relationship will be headed to a major heart ache.

Does My Boyfriend Love Me? - How to Tell What He Feels by His Actions

Does my boyfriend love me is a question many women wonder about. Men aren't always as open with what they are feeling and that can be very frustrating for the women they are involved with. If you are feeling a bit bewildered about what your man is feeling, there are signs in his behaviour that indicate he's as wild about you as you are about.

If you are questioning does my boyfriend love me you need to consider how much time you two are spending together. When a man is head over heels in love with a woman she is his primary focus. Naturally he'll still have to spend time working and doing all life's day-to-day tasks, but in all those moments in between he'll want to be with her or will be thinking about her. If your boyfriend just wants to spend every moment possible with you, he's hooked.

You can also gauge how deep a man's feelings run based on who he has introduced you to. When a man is starting to fall in love with a woman he wants to share her with the important people in his life. If your boyfriend insists on you meeting his parents, siblings and close friends you should view that as a positive thing. On the other hand, if he is constantly making excuses for why you have yet to meet anyone that he knows, that typically means his mind is still very much stuck in the casually dating phase.

You don't need to wonder does my boyfriend love me if he talks about his future and it includes you. Many men think more about their future when they feel that they've met the woman they'll marry. Take note of whether or not your boyfriend ever discusses his future and if he includes you in it. If he talks more about the things he expects to be doing in a few years as opposed to the things you two will be doing together, that's a concern for you. He may not feel as emotionally close to you as you do to him.

Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

My choice of love

if love comes in colors,
I choose blue,
if love comes in flowers,
I’ll choose rose,if love comes in songs,
I’ll think of choosing blues,
But if love should come in human beings,
I’ll definitely not think twice beforeI’ll choice you!
because.....You are my choice
I once had a heart
and it was true but
now it's gone from me to you
so take care of it
as I have done because
now you have two and I have none.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorable Dating Ideas That Women Love!

Here is a very powerful way to become unforgettable in the eyes of the women you are dating.
What if you could set up a scavenger hunt before or during a date so that you were enjoying this adventure together? This is what this technique will allow you to experience. You can enjoy these adventures together while also creating a stronger connection between the two of you.

Note : This is better for a 2nd date meeting and works best with women have these qualities : intelligent, adventurous, spontaneous, passionate, etc.

Cliff Note Version : arrange to meet with a date at a certain time and location. Text message her before the date and tell her to meet you at a new location nearby. At this nearby location she can find some clues as to where to find you. She will also be able to search for clues as to where the date will be.

Most of us have cell phones that can send and receive text messages. You can use these ideas to create an air of intrigue and enjoy adventures together that your date will remember long into the future... You and the dates you plan will become memorable!

1. Let us say for example that you meet a girl at a store and things are going well between you. You are both laughing and enjoying spending time talking and getting to know one another so you take her to another nearby place to continue the conversation. This is important because it will show you how much she likes and trusts you. You are leading and she is following like in a dance. You can call this new place your special spot or romantic corner or something like this. Allow her to feel really comfortable and safe in this place with you :)

2. For the 2nd date/meeting you tell her your plans are a special surprise. Make sure that you get along well, enjoy spending time together and share a compatible sense of humor. Also, make sure she is in the mood for a pleasantly surprising adventure with you that night.

3. You could plan to meet at a coffee shop at 8:00 before going to the surprise location.

4. Text her or call her cell phone at 7:45 and tell her you have a wonderful surprise for her and that she should meet you at your special spot instead. This is a spot in the place where you took her to during your first meeting.

5. Ask her what she liked most about that special spot and to remember how she felt and ask about how much she likes surprises. This creates powerful memories of attraction and connection and in Hypnosis we call these things anchors or triggers. These anchors occur naturally so you may as well use them on purpose.

6. When she goes to that special spot in the book store ( as in our example ) she will find a hidden book that you left there for her. I will use Dan Brown' s book, "The Davinci Code" as an example, because along with "Angels & Demons" it helped to inspire me.

She can search within this book for a hidden clue about where and what the surprise date will be. She will most likely be very intrigued and very curious! This is not an average date and
she is feeling special because you are treating her in a special way.

7. She finds "The Davinci Code" book with a brochure or a letter from you with the
address, times and simple directions to meet at an art gallery or museum, etc.
During your first date or meeting you found out about what you both like and enjoy and so you had enough information to plan something special.

8. Meet her at the surprise location and enjoy the art, the wine, cheese, crackers, etc.
Most of all you can enjoy spending time together. I have found that this scanger hunt before the date makes it so much more unique and interesting and is so much better than if you simply make plans to meet at an art gallery at a certain time.

The idea is to be unpredictable, fun, classy and romantic :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everybody Wants True Love!

What's a fairytale without a prince charming, a princess in distress and true love? It'll probably be just another old story that will somehow fade into obscurity as time goes by. But, the element of true love is what made fairy tales into all-time blockbusters. Yes, everybody wants it so bad, even those princesses who did nothing but wait for their courageous knight in shining armour atop his mighty steed.

Even today, everybody wants a taste of true love no matter how elusive it is. Some are lucky to have stumbled upon it, while a lot have simply given up in the unending quest for it. So, they find someone that they could somehow tolerate, put up with them so they don't have to feel the loneliness of being single ever again, and then marry just because it's what everyone expects them to do.

Quite a lot of people have gone this way, but only a few have escaped from the challenges and veer from the all-too-often divorce. But what is it really? Is it a cruel myth, a fleeting insanity, or is it something real and tangible, like crow's feet and potbellies? How can anybody know if the right person is already in front of him/her? While it is easier to be dreamy-eyed and romantic, it is important to understand and remember that to find love isn't as simple as going out there and putting a tag on someone who seems to be THE one.

Often, it's more of a case of waiting for THE one, instead of finding him/her in an instant. The harsh realities of everyday life render a vast majority of people to be pretty cynical, and it can be rather mindboggling when one somehow ends up with a wonderful person. Some take it as some sort of pure luck, but time and again it's the concerted effort from two people who wants to make the relationship last.

It is likewise essential to have a clear picture of one's own self-worth: every person must be capable of self-love, for how can anybody else love you if you can't even love yourself in the first place? When meeting someone and the relationship somehow clicks, the important thing isn't how many hobbies or interests you share with the person.

It's the similar deep-seated core values that makes you both yearn for the same things from life. The initial fluttery sensation and feeling of heightened anticipation will always be there when meeting someone new and exciting. Although, this stage rarely lasts long-a lot of people get disenchanted upon returning to their senses only to discover that the seemingly perfect partner is just as flawed as all the others.

But, this doesn't make loving the person an impossibility. What makes a relationship work is not finding the person with a hundred good points that can make everything wonderful. The "happy ever afters" only exist in fairytales, not in real life. A relationship is a process, and the couple must grow together with each other, able to weather any storm or the big changes in life.

True love calls for hard work and give and take from each person to last.

If You Want to Be Happy, You Must Learn How to Love

Love isn't love unless they know it. Love isn't love unless they feel it. Use your power of Love. (Words from a song I wrote.)

Love is the single most important ingredient necessary to create a successful family and a happy life.

Unfortunately, some of us don't know what love is or how to express it. Mostly, we aren't aware of its power and how much our loved ones need our love.

If you don't ever tell them "I love you" how do they know they are loved?" If they can't feel love from you, how will they ever know? Wouldn't it be horrible for your children to grow up thinking you didn't love them, when you did.

But a caution, just saying "I love you" isn't enough.

We all need to learn how to love, so our loved ones know for sure they are loved. Most of us just assume our loved ones know we love them, but assuming doesn't mean a thing.

If showing love is uncomfortable for you because you never received love from the ones who should have given it to you, you better learn how. I was one of those people who received no love as a child. When I had children I realized I had better learn or my kids would end up with the same hang-ups I had.

Showing love is simply a gentle touch, a kindness, a kiss, a hug, a compliment, an encouragement, a thoughtful act and telling them often that you love them and meaning it by word and deed. Try it, it gets easier the more you do it.

If we truly knew how to love our loved ones, we would avoid broken marriages and damaged children. We would be able to keep our families together, in love.

Love has the greatest power for good. If we love our mates, children, and friends we will be surrounded by love ourselves, as it comes back to us.

There is another kind of love that we lack; we need to learn to love ourselves. If we do we will avoid depression and negative thinking.

If we have love and faith in God when we are going through our trials we will learn love and compassion for others.

As the scriptures say "Thou shalt love the Lord they God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself. ( Luke 10:27)

Love is the essence of life, without it we are but a sad, empty vessel. When we love God, ourselves and others, we have the power to lift, help and encourage others.

This essence of life has allowed me to have a lasting marriage of 51 years, three righteous, grown children and nine happy grandchildren. Families filled with love are the happiest.

I'm thankful I have learned this essence of life and know that love isn't something you receive but something you give and then you know what love truly is!

Use your power of love!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Is this love? Be Careful With Your Vanity

You probably haven’t thought about this possibility, but the truth is that you may be wanted by many men or women, without being loved by them.
If you are attractive, intelligent, you have a great personality, money, beauty, etc., you may be desired by many people that belong to the opposite sex, but this doesn’t mean that they love you. This means that they want to posses you, without caring about the way you feel, your plans, ideals or preferences.
You will be able to verify if they really love you or not by examining their actions and their behavior.
Be very careful if you are very attractive, for one reason or another…
How can you verify if they are playing with you and they only want to fulfill their selfish desires, using you like a trophy that they exhibit to their environment, or using your intelligence and good disposition in order to make you work for them without being paid?
How can you be sure that you are not being used?
Pay attention to the way they behave with you.
If they make you suffer, without caring about the way you feel, but only about their desires, their plans and their ambitions, you’ll be easily able to understand that they don’t love you.
They simply want you, for other reasons. Otherwise, they would never make you suffer in order to oblige you to follow their plans. They are already using you if they are making you suffer for any reason.
Be careful if you are too wanted by too many, and never be vain, because your position is very delicate. Vanity is pure stupidity, because if you are beautiful or very intelligent, this doesn’t mean that you are perfect as a human being or that your mental health is safe. On the contrary: you are the ideal victim for the wild anti-conscience, your primitive wild conscience that wants to destroy your human side through craziness and control your behavior, provoking schizophrenia, psychosis or neurosis.
Be very serious and carefully examine everyone that cares about you.
They only want your honey, like flies. They don’t care about your desires, your personality, your feelings, nothing…
They want to imprison you in a cage and be your owners, because you are very nice.
You have to learn many things about the human psyche and human behavior if you want to be safe.
The scientific method of dream interpretation will not only show you everything you must learn, but will also transform you into a wise and self-confident person.
The dynamic method you have the privilege to have access to today is the result of a very long research that took 19 years to be completed, so that you could learn everything immediately, without doubts or any other delay.
I delayed as much as necessary, until I had all the answers, and this is why only now I present you my perfect method of dream translation, which will show you immediately and clearly how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, and this way receive the guidance of the wise unconscious mind that produces them.
All your dreams have a protective character, exactly because you inherited the absurd anti-conscience, your wild conscience, in the biggest part of your brain.
The person who will really love you will care first of all about making you happy!
Pay attention to all the details and examine everything very carefully before being a victim of your own vanity. Never believe that someone loves you, only because they felt attracted by your characteristics, your intelligence or your social position.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Relationship Building Tips For Internet Dating

Internet Dating is often a wonderful way to meet someone if you have been out of the dating scene for awhile. It's also a great way to meet someone if you are just starting out dating. It gives a person a chance to reach out to people without having to commit to an actual in person date. The best part about this is that it doesn't discriminate about age, gender, race, physical condition, visual attractiveness etc., because all the Internet Dating sites allow for all these multiple categories. All you need do is fill in the appropriate detail and the search will only search for the parameters entered.

Of course, every Internet Dating site has its own special characteristics that separate them from the rest. The final selection process is totally up to you.

• Before you sign up for a particular Internet Dating site be sure to visit a few personal forum areas on the Internet to chat with like minded individuals. Or, check out some of the social websites to get a feel for what others are saying too. This is not to move you into doing the same things others are doing, it is to give you a greater understanding of what challenges other people are having. If you think your particular situation is unique, you will soon find out that nothing could be further from the truth.

• Most people that have been reluctant to use Internet Dating as a means to come out of their self-induced shell are operating out of fear. Don't do will only hurt you in the long run.

• We are seeing more divorce than every before, and there are also a greater number of those divorces which have children involved. Therefore, one of the fears is that no-one will want to date someone with children. This is another misconception. The truth is there are categories in most Internet Dating sites specially setup for the single parent in mind.

• If you are not sure if you want a relationship, but still feel the need for companionship, Internet Dating is a wonderful way to achieve your goal. If you are crystal clear in your personal profile that you are only looking for friendship through dating, and not a long term commitment you will attract like thinking individuals.

• We are all human and humans have certain needs. The sooner you realize that it's OK to date to fulfill some of those needs the happier you will be. Remember, there are a lot of people out there going through the same process you are currently going through. The key is that you understand it is simply something you are going through and will eventually come out the other side a happier more fulfilled person.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so step up to the challenges of having some fear and let that fear give you strength to push forward. However, don't make the mistake of thinking lust is a replacement for love. Lust is the driving force from ego, while love is the driving force from an open heart.

When you are ready (and only you will know you are) you will eventually move into the next step of Internet Dating - to actually seeking a relationship. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself and enjoy Internet Dating and the benefits it offers you for the satisfaction of human pleasures.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Meter Indicates True Love

The love meter reads that you two destined lovers. Do you believe it? Do you believe that true love exists in real life? Everybody wants what is in the short love poems and love movies. Read on to find out if true love is real or only happens in the fairy tales.
Some people settle, because they do not believe that there is such a thing as true love. They look for love all of their lives and they never seem to find it, so they think it must not be real. So they find someone who in infatuated with them. And although they do not love the person in return, they will marry them anyway. They test their relationship on the love meter and it shows average results, but they think average is good. They figure it is as good as it will ever get. After all, at least the person loves them. However, over time they may find they despise the person more and more.
What do you think is the definition of unconditional love? Love is when two people are passionately head over heels for each other. True unconditional love is when someone loves you so much they would die for you. There are so many short love poems and love movies out there in the world, that true love has to be real. There would not be so many of these love stories throughout history, if it didn't exist. And the love meter would not have even been made if it didn't exist.
Love Meter Truths
Believe true love is real. If you do not believe in unconditional love, then it may never happen for you. You have to stay positive and believe you will find it one day. Yes, you cannot see true love, but it is real. There are a lot of things that you cannot see, but you know it is real. Those old love sayings are true, you really do just "know" when you find the one." Believe it when the love meter says you are a match made in heaven.
Keep looking for the one. Do not give up and settle. You are worth it. Life is too short, to not try to find someone that you cannot live without. Give it time and be patient. You have just not found him or her yet. Do not give up hope. Keep entering your lover's name in the love meter until it bursts the meter off the charts.
There really is no such thing as soul mates. There has to be more than one person out there in the whole world that is meant for you. Therefore, your chances of finding true love has just shot up. Keep your eyes open for that special someone. You never know where you may bump into them. Try entering that person's name that you just met in the love meter. Love happens and you never know when, it could happen to you tomorrow at the store.
Keep true love strong. You have to work at having a loving relationship. Just like anything that is of value, it usually requires work. Now you shouldn't have to work too hard, because you should already be madly in love with each other. However, making that love last through the test of time will take some work. Stay encouraged that your relationship will last forever. You are destined lovers, make that love meter be right.
True love happens, it is not just in the love movies. Have faith that you will find it one day. And never settle with anybody, you deserve the best. Keep looking for the perfect person for you. No one is perfect, but someone out there will seem perfect in your eyes. Love with out holding anything back. Then when the love meter reads you are a match made in heaven, you will "know" it is telling the truth.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Girlfriend - How to Know If She is Cheating You

A cheating girlfriend is much easier to discover than a cheating boyfriend because the girl is more emotionally driven and express her feeling more than a man. There are several things to do in order to unveil a cheating girlfriend and know if she is playing around or not. Some people think that you need to hire a detective or a photographer to snoop on her and report back to you with information and photographs. This could be a very expensive method that you do not need in order to discover a cheating girlfriend.
A girl's cell phone is her week point so, if you feel that she is talking on her cell phone more than before then this could mean that she is talking to someone else and you need to know who this is. Knowing the person on the other end is not that difficult and you do not need to listen to her calls in order to find out the identity of that person.
All you need to do is to check the phone numbers that she had been calling recently and run a small search through reverse phone books and you will be able to discover who she is calling regularly.
Check her cell phone from time to time and see if there are numbers that repeat regularly or not. If you find a number that she had been calling regularly during a short period of time then type this number in one of the websites offering reverse phone lookup searching and you will be able to unveil this cheating girlfriend easily.
Reverse phone books will tell you who the owner of the number is and through this service you will be able to tell if this person is in relation with your girlfriend or not. You do not need to go and talk to him but, you can check his address and see if your girlfriend's vehicle stops there or not.
For example, your girlfriend is telling you that she will spend the day out with friends that you do not know then, during the day, go to the address you have in hand and see if her car is parked there or not. This may be useful in some cases. Give your cheating girlfriend a call and see if she would answer or not, this will help you to make sure of your findings.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun First Date Ideas That She'll Love

Congratulations! She's agreed to go out on a date with you! Whether you've been trying to get her attention for minutes, months or millennia, it's a great sign that she's agreed to spend time with you. Now, the most important thing you must do is plan out that time. No matter how well or how little you know someone, first dates can be awkward. You need to work to mitigate that feeling and can do so by considering some fun first date ideas.
There are options that you can consider for your first date that range anywhere from low key to extremely extravagant. You have to carefully consider what relationship you may have already built with the woman of your dreams as friends, coworkers or acquaintance and plan out your first date to be based not only on that but on anything you already know about your new friend.
Some terrific and fun first Date Ideas include low key settings like the beach or a concert or to play pool. By not taking her into an intense environment, you are giving both her and yourself permission to relax and really get to know each other in a casual setting.
If want to attract this woman, you can tailor the date to her interests. If you know what kind of music she likes, a concert can be a good first date because you can have a shared interest to concentrate on and limited times to feel awkward in between. Playing pool may bring out your competitive sides and leave you both feeling good about your date. And who doesn't love going to the beach - assuming one is nearby, of course! Rays, waves and dates - they all fit together nicely.
For a first date that includes more one on one attention, consider packing a picnic lunch and heading off to a peaceful setting. This will give you time to really talk and get to know each other without the pressures of the outside world intruding.
And if you run out of topics of conversation, you've packed plenty of food to enjoy together. One of the most fun activities you can participate in on a picnic date is spreading out a huge blanket and laying back to simply watch the clouds roll by. With any amount of luck and a bit of chemistry thrown in, you'll be holding hands and even more by the end of the day.
If you want to show the new lady in your life how special you think she is - and how much you want to pamper her, you'll want to choose a high end first date that is extravagant with a capital "E." Instead of a sightseeing tour around your city, instead arrange for a hot air balloon ride.
Expensive, but well worth snagging the woman of your dreams! Among fun first date ideas, arranging all transportation by limo service is near the top. You can take a limo anywhere - even to the park for a picnic lunch. But how romantic of you to arrange to ride in luxury!

Some Ideas- Make Him Fall in Love

Have you ever asked other women about how to make a man fall in love? Have they given you some ideas that seem worth trying? Have you ever been able to put them to the test? Just about any woman that ever lived has tried at one point or another to make a man fall in love. Following are some ideas to lead you to success.
There is a difference between love and lust; but men, unfortunately cannot make the distinction. In the initial stages of a relationship, men are usually blinded by lust and often believe it to be the beginning stages of love. Regrettably, lust will start to wear off and these men are wondering what happened to those strong feelings they once had. This doesn't mean they don't feel anything for you any longer; they just are going through the transition from lust to romance.
Actually, it would be quite easy to keep a man in lust because all you would have to do is be sexy and provocative. However, this won't win his heart and make him fall in love. You need a great deal more substance.
Reach your guy by connecting to his feelings. Emotions are the key to building a lasting bond with a man, one that will last much longer than a physical connection based on lust and desire. Show him your true personality and use your intelligence to spark some interesting conversations with him. Relationships between two people who are relatively equal in intelligence and social standing have a much greater chance at success.
Compliment your guy, support him, and try new things with him. Learn about what he enjoys and what makes him happy and have him invite you in to be a part of these activities. The good times you have together will always have him thinking of you with good thoughts.
Be satisfied with the time it takes as your guy keeps moving forward in your relationship. He will not progress as quickly as you, but fight the urge to speed things up. It won't work; he'll hold back instead of advancing, which is exactly the opposite of what you are hoping for. Just enjoy the ride and let him take the lead; his pace is the one you must follow.
This, ladies, is how you can make a man fall in love. Yes, these ideas are successful and effective. Give them a try and you will have the guys eating out of your hand.

Monday, March 15, 2010

When Friendship Turns Into Love

We call a person a friend when we care about that person; we absolutely trust him/her and know that he or she will be around when we are in a precarious position. A good friend knows you well and you tell him/her stuff that you wouldn't dream about telling about even to the love of your life.
Love is one relationship that transcends friendship. We give our mind, heart and soul to nurture love. Love also involves a physical element which is not there in friendship. Love gone sour causes heartbreak and humans take a long time to recover from the blow. However love gives us a reason to live and people who in love are at peace with the world and feel complete.
Most of our trusted friends or best friends are people from the same sex. However in many cases people might have a best friend from the opposite sex. You might think the person of as your buddy and might not think of him or her romantically. However if your love life is not something you want to talk about and you are growing older and you finally feel it's time to settle down and to be with one whom you know, then is she the one for you?
Here are the ways to turn friendship into a relationship:
1)Finding someone understanding, caring and loving is impossible. You know your friend like the back of your palm. You know about his/her past relationships, hobbies, dreams and the works. It is logical that you will have a great relationship ahead because you share the same mental space.
2)Proposing to that person would not be tough, since you know the person well. If you are a man instead of proposing her wildly like going down on a knee or with flowers. You can meet up at your favorite hangout spot and broach her about you guys getting into a relationship. You logically explain to her about why this would work fine for the both of you. A lady thinks a lot before getting into a relationship, because gives her best to build the relationship.
3) The last advice would be a tricky, if you have been in any past relationship and explained the lurid details to your friend, and then there might be some friction because of this affair. You must truthfully explain your exact feelings about your past relationship, and ask him/her to help you out. It would be useless lying because the person knows very well to see through that pretense
If you are romantically inclined towards that person, then go for it and use the above mentioned techniques. If not you might regret it later.

Essence of True and Everlasting Friendship

Friendship is a blessing in disguise. It is a dynamic mutual relationship between two persons who share their life as well as their souls. It is one relationship in life that we choose. Before we enter this world, God already records in His book who are parents will be, who are brothers, and relatives will be. It is also believed that marriages are also made in heaven; this means God's record book also has a mention of who our life partner will be. The only relationship that we have the freedom to choose is friendship.
Different people define friendship in different ways. For some it is trust, for some companionship, for some its unconditional love, for some it's just a feeling, and for some it is life. In all definitions, the essence of friendship remains the same. Trust comes when you feel close a person and feel love for that person. You feel like sharing your secrets and every move of your life with that person. This connection makes you feel passionate and strengthens the bond your share. At a time when you feel intimate and place your trust on someone, in return you give unconditional love and selfless care and if required you also be ready to sacrifice your life for your friend. This complete symphony of unconditional love, blind faith, deep understanding, and selfless care forms the base of true and everlasting friendship.
Friendship is like a tree that has to be nurtured with warmth, sunlight, and care. These ingredients are essential for healthy growth of any relationship. The love in your heart should be deeply etched like the deep rooted seeds of the tree. As the tree grow stronger and bigger of the seeds are soiled properly, so does the tree of friendship. Its strength and power is attributed to the intensity of love and care deeply rooted in your heart.
When you have good friends you feel secure and comfortable with them. The entire world looks like a merry-go-round when you have true friends beside you. When in pain they'll heal you, when in sorrow they'll give you smile, when in worry they'll give you hope, and when lost they'll give you a new dawn to start afresh. They form a channel of love and affection that help you go through all trial and tribulation with ease and comfort. Not only they make your journey easy but they also give you wings to reach the horizon. What else a man needs for survival? What is more comforting than a true friend beside you during worst phases of life?
Among all the relationships existing in the world, friendship is the only one that is unconditional and survives the hardship of time. And to know the true essence of friendship you need to have a true friend with whom you can conquer the world. This special bonding between friends is a priceless treasure that stays with you in under all the situations of life. It fills your life with affection, love, care, charm, and loads of fun.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spending Valentine's Day Alone

If you are in a committed relationship and your partner is away or you just don't have a date for Valentine's Day and spending this day alone, for some people can be quite sad. It most often affects women deemed suitable for women about why they feel alone on this day, but in many cases the same men and hope that she is somebody who had that day with stocks imminent. But on this day, the cost alone is not necessarily a sad day. This article will look at some hints and tips on how to have fun on Valentine's Day when you use alone.

If you frequently over a long distance relationship, you will find yourself spending days such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day away from your partner. But if you are in this case, you will probably find that these situations are unavoidable. For example, you and your partner in different cities because of work and life if they can only see each other on weekends, it is very likely that you will spend Valentine's Day alone, if it falls on a weekday. But remember in such situations, there are a number of ways to this day seem special. If you know you only want to do on Valentine's Day, book in as many activities as possible with me, you just want to ensure that you are busy all day this way, time will fly and you will not have time to stay around to be alone. Another thing you can do is plan for when you want to be with your partner, so you have something to look forward to us. You may be alone on Valentine's Day, but still know that you want to celebrate it a little later in the day feel less sad, and also help you feel less lonely.

If you are using Valentine's Day alone because you are not in a relationship can still be a good time. One way to do it to get a few good films and some snack bars, to a good restaurant. You should try something you've always wanted to try but never as an opportunity. It makes your day more exciting, and it is something special too. Remember that just because you are not alone, that in all that you do not have a great day and evening you can for themselves.

Also you have friends who are single, but may also have, you can remember, always with them and one night or a nice dinner. If you have a number of common friends, you can organize a single party and invite your friends to get their only friends and on. In this way you can meet someone in the end, but if you do not still have a good time, and the day will not be sorry.

And the last thing, if you are alone this Valentine's Day is really important to remember that this does not mean that you will always be alone. A big mistake, the individual is often a lot of time thinking about why they alone that day. It is important to know that not only on Valentine's Day, at the end of the world. Have a little treat for yourself, even a nice dinner or a short vacation and keep busy to remember, just because now your single life is not stopped, and you will not be single forever. So get up and go do something for themselves.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Notes

Love notes are wonderful way to express your feelings for your sweetheart. In fact love notes are a wonderful way to surprise your sweetheart. If you are thinking how to make your love note special one take one attractive page and write your note and then leave on hand bag or her purse.But time has changed a lot and you give your sweetheart a nice picture love notes. So, are you thinking what is the right time to give love notes? It's anytime. And if love notes come in the form of picture, it carries a different meaning. Your passion and feeling for your sweetheart will be expressed in different manner. With the invasion of Internet in our lives, now you can send picture love notes.

What is Love?

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two." -St. Augustine

Monday, January 18, 2010

Love..the mystery it gives.

As I sit on the floor having my own time with the silence of the night while the snow flakes falls quietly into the ground,there was this question that keeps on knocking into my mind..."why does love hurts?" I am aware that I am not the only one who thought about this obnoxious fact,but really...why does it hurts???
I am no longer a newbie about love and been into couple of relationship that during those time i believed it's almost perfect...I can still remember the first one which gave me the feeling of having butterflies on my tummy,or that time when he held my hand and I felt like I was the most happiest girl there is on that moment,and oh yeah you remember the time that you feel like the world stops from spinning?or how about that feeling of being on the place they called cloud nine?Those feelings are real we felt it but they're all just too good to be true to lasts...that's what i realized now (but it's really hard to wake up from this dreamy feeling) you experience that? and after wards what? you're going to devote yourself to your love interest,doing things even those things that you hated to do just to prove your love,commit yourself faithfully and worship them,putting them into pedestal, offering and showering them the purity of your love that most of the time we forgot to leave even a single strand of self loving to ourselves...when we fall in love we always to this: thinking of our gf/bf first before ourselves,the question it worth it?or to rephrase it,does some of them deserve it?
We felt love that sometimes makes us blind to notice that we fell for the wrong person but since we believe to what we feel,we just keeps ignoring those signs that they are not the right one,instead we keep pushing more to make the relation works,we strive to prove that it is really what we think it is and in the end we only suffers.We can't avoid failed relationships so we have to be broad minded when it comes to commitment but lets face it,no matter how imperfect our relationship was,it still stings once it's ended,maybe because we have some regrets,the what ifs and the truth that no matter how we avoid or prevent it,we are all victims of it...specially when we thought that we're in love with the person but the fact is we're just in love with love.
I've been there,and i was badly hurt,since then i was so cautious when it comes to love matters.Most often i thought,can i run away from it? Or can I just hibernate to be safe from it? Or shield myself with numbness to become exemption and deprive myself from love itself? But time came that i realized this..."I am no fool"..I am just wishful thinker...being hurt by love is tiring...yet again once it knocks I cant just move away now and ignore it instead i welcome love with open arms,love aint that bad all the time,right?This time whatever it takes,I am a willing victim.
...and reviewing this blog i am writing right now leaves me with dumb founded reactions...i cant really point out which is which...all i can understand now is we are all victims of love and we can do nothing with it not to be one...when it comes to love we can't say no once it strucks,the more you run away from it the persistent it chases you,the more you ignore the feeling the more it haunts you..that's how powerful it sum it all,go... let yourself get involve in love but dont overdo it...hahaha... now.... I stop myself from whinning about it...(sigh)....i got tired from i give my self in...tonight...i will embrace love once more...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Do You Think You Are In Love?

When we are in love the world looks different. Everything looks good. We look at the world differently then those who are not in love. We love everything. The flowers smell better, the food tastes better, and the nature looks benevolent. How about our body? What kind of changes does love bring in our body?

The hearty is considered center of love. Every poet who has written on love talks of heart. I do not know if heart has anything to do with love- at least no medical professional will agree to that. For them the heart is only a pumping machine for blood. But for lovers
heart becomes the center.

If you are in love, have you observed your heart beats? Do they not increase when you think of your lover? Does your heart not beat much faster when you are waiting to meet them? How about the heart beats when you are with them. The heart seems to beat much faster at that time, isn’t it? That is why poets write so much about heart.

That is why all Valentine decorations are heart shaped. the heart goes berserk when you are in love. It is as if it has forgotten about its pumping function and got busier expressing love. A look at the picture of your lover makes the heart beat faster. A touch, smell of their body, their voice, all can accelerate the heart. I do not know if any body has done any research about why heart behaves like this. Do emotions come from heart? Must be so otherwise whythe heart acts funny when we are in love?

Our walks become slower, we begin speaking in low voice, begin listening to slow love tunes, we begin caring more about our appearance and we become gentle with everyone around us. Why all this- because we are in love. Truly, being in love is a great feeling.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

How long you and your boyfriend have been couple and dating? No matter if you both just know each other for a month or couple of years; he deserves to have a wonderful present from you. A great way to show your affection, care and love either it’s is your homemade gift ideas or just buying from shop. Some men may be not open minded and not emotionally, but he surely surprise and thankful for all of the time and effort that you put into finding the perfect gift or birthday present for him.

Show your beautiful smile because your boyfriend surely could not resist giving you a kiss or a hug in exchange what you have done to him-make him the most special man in your life.

Here are some great and romantic gift ideas:

1. Something romantic.

A birthday present does not always have to be something expensive. Be creative in thinking of a romantic birthday gift for your boyfriend. There’ something great gift called missing piece necklace-this precious set of two sterling silver pendants join to proclaim “You Are The Missing Piece To My Puzzle” when it’s put together, but can separate into two necklaces so you and your better half are always linked.

A little effort would go a long way, too. Cook him his favorite dish and invite him over for a romantic picnic or dinner. Bake him a birthday cake, invite his friends over and surprise him with a birthday party. Another way to show you’re romantic and memorable-just take him into invitation to a romantic evening. A less expenses, very romantic place and quite environment would be great place to take him out.

2. Something that he wants.

If your special someone is into gadgets, give him that game gadget or music player that he is always talking about. If he is a camp enthusiast, get him a great picnic backpack for two. Or, buy him a 13 function stainless steel utility knife-great essential for every guy. It’s time to plan a camp and spend a night or two with him on his birthday. Camping with someone can be quite a challenge if you don’t know each other that well. Be patient and understanding. You are both learning about each other as well as how to go camping.

3. Something naughty.

Glow-in-the-dark boxer shorts are a sure-fire way to tickle his fancy. An intimate yet funny gift will remind him of the intimate moments that you shared together as a couple.

Your photo in a romantic afternoon caricature. If you’re good into Photoshop, you can make funny and creative ideas to make a gift for your boyfriend-edit your photo and create fancy ideas to make your photo into a romantic afternoon caricature.

4. Something nice and traditional.

A gift basket with all the things that he likes on one delightful package also makes for a great birthday present for your boyfriend’s birthday. A basket full of chocolates or wine is a wonderful birthday present.

If he is an executive, get him an expensive tie, cute cuff links or a nice wristwatch. Give him a set of his favorite cologne, perfume and aftershave. If he loves sailing, get him an antique compass that he can use.

5. Something that says “I love you.”

You can literally give him an item with the message of how you feel. Give him romantic heart and kisses message in a bottle -Your special message of love presented on a sealed parchment scroll, placed in a thick glass bottle with real dried rose petals and tied with the key to your heart. Gift presented in a beautiful velvet bag with gold strings. Even small items like this would make your boyfriend feel special.

Remember that it is not always the cost that counts when giving out presents for your boyfriend on his birthday.

A well-thought out gift that would remind your boyfriend of how special he is to you will send out the right message on his birthday.

Shower him with love notes, or make his entire day special by giving him a different gift in the morning, noon and at night. Be creative in thinking of something fun, romantic and special to give him a birthday that he is not likely to forget.