Monday, January 11, 2010

Do You Think You Are In Love?

When we are in love the world looks different. Everything looks good. We look at the world differently then those who are not in love. We love everything. The flowers smell better, the food tastes better, and the nature looks benevolent. How about our body? What kind of changes does love bring in our body?

The hearty is considered center of love. Every poet who has written on love talks of heart. I do not know if heart has anything to do with love- at least no medical professional will agree to that. For them the heart is only a pumping machine for blood. But for lovers
heart becomes the center.

If you are in love, have you observed your heart beats? Do they not increase when you think of your lover? Does your heart not beat much faster when you are waiting to meet them? How about the heart beats when you are with them. The heart seems to beat much faster at that time, isn’t it? That is why poets write so much about heart.

That is why all Valentine decorations are heart shaped. the heart goes berserk when you are in love. It is as if it has forgotten about its pumping function and got busier expressing love. A look at the picture of your lover makes the heart beat faster. A touch, smell of their body, their voice, all can accelerate the heart. I do not know if any body has done any research about why heart behaves like this. Do emotions come from heart? Must be so otherwise whythe heart acts funny when we are in love?

Our walks become slower, we begin speaking in low voice, begin listening to slow love tunes, we begin caring more about our appearance and we become gentle with everyone around us. Why all this- because we are in love. Truly, being in love is a great feeling.


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