Friday, October 29, 2010

Dating and Selective Love

Every single man and woman is after finding love and engaging in dating exercises. The fact is that each person the world over, from the Himalayas to the last street of Kano in Nigeria, everyone is after love and dating. Forging a wholesome relationship that might just lead to the bliss of matrimony is what they are after. It is the hope of every human since person whom can love with all their heart and one who can reciprocate the same. It is the urge and want of every human being. The problem is that it is not everyone whom, our hearts should be checking out. It is that individual who we are attracted to, and likewise, depicts some form of attraction towards us.

Someone you would like to begin dating and know each other well. That is the source of all love and trust. Finding that person with whom there is a balance that exists between the two of you, something that makes you to just trust each other. That thing which makes you to just want to be in the hands of one another to the last day of your life must be present. That is the conclusion. You must then apply mechanisms of going about finding that person who makes you feel like a king or queen, that person who will transform your life.

The best way towards finding and the cradle of dating such a person is applying the selective love and doing it selectively. You can't avoid it as such, since your heart is always carrying out selective choosing of those things that will make you to be favorable to someone. It is the power of selective dating that you should try to have, through attracting the birds of a feather. It is tantamount to a magnet being attracted by iron and not steel. It means that each person attracts a specific group of people, people who wield certain qualities that you desire.

It is the work that many dating matchmakers are used to. They look selectively for those qualities that make you favorable in the eyes of another person. It is the point that a person after selective choosing and dating must have in mind. You must be able to know what kind of people you attract in your aura. Some single men and women attract desperate housewives who can't give them anything that is long lasting; they seem to find something in your character that their husband lacks.

Another click of people has the habit of attracting single mothers, women who have already given birth. This might be a sign that you exude confidence in the presence of people and that is the reason they want more of you. They want to begin dating you right away. There are different types of females that attract the worst kind of males, from gangsters, drug addicts to people with aggressive behaviors. This might not be the kind of persons you should be seen dating. They suggest something in selective dating, that there is a pigment of your character that is always attracting a certain type of humanity.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Secret of Love

Love. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word? Anger? Romance? Enjoyment? Our emotions are automatically triggered, faulting our judgment at the very moment it crosses our mind.
The ProblemIn today's society of television and the Internet, life is exaggerated to its greatest extent. When you wake up in the morning and turn on the TV, what's on? Some soup opera about a steamy romance gone wrong. In the afternoon, we see talk shows about a woman who has cheated on her husband and doesn't know who her baby's father is. Then, in the evening we see either an out of shape husband with a super model wife who never get along or a nighttime drama about men and women having flings.
The SolutionThe answer is not simple. After years of watching television, movies, and reading books, we are tainted with false-truths which distort our thinking. Once we find someone, we never stop wondering whether this person is cheating or if they are real.
So how do we stop this from happening?We don't! We let our lives be our lives and not let our minds get in the way. We try to realize that television is just television and the Internet is just the Internet. Just because Sally Jane's husband is cheating on her doesn't mean that your boyfriend is doing the same. Not all men are the same, no matter what your mother told you. And sorry guys, but not all women are the same either.
So where do I find love?Love is everywhere! It's at the grocery store, at the gym, even at the gas station. There isn't a set time or place where love happens.
What if I meet one person, then a few months later fall for someone else?Just because you believed you met the perfect person, then later find you don't match doesn't mean you are a bad person or that you should give up. In fact, check it off as a learning experience. The more bad relationships you have the more you grow as a person; you start to learn more about what your likes and dislikes and how to find out more.