Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Go, Tell that you love

MANY A times we forget to make our loved ones realise how much we love them. We sometimes take it for granted that they know how much we love them. However, it is when they remain no longer in our lives, only then, we realise what we missed. It is the time, in which we remain speechless, shocked at our loss.

If you do not cry or scream on the loss of a near and dear one that does not mean you never loved him/her but that the loss has left you with no words, no thoughts, it's left you in dark. that the way you feel you are unable to express.

This was exactly the case with me, when my mother expired last year, not a tear shed from my eyes. I was sad, definitely, but there were no tears in my eyes.. It was a shock that none of us would ever be able to overcome but probably, that is life.

I loved my mom but could never say that I loved her, that her presence in my life was of extreme importance and prominence. I regret today, when she is no longer here, the quality time I should have spent with her but never did. The things that I should have done for her but never did. And look! It is too late now to relive that time with her because she is no longer beside me.

Time waits for none, so live life as if there is no tomorrow. Meet people like you never meet them again. Share and care for each other as if you will never be together again.

Do not assume but just say it aloud to those you care for, how much they mean to you in your life, before it is too late.
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28 Creative Love Letter Ideas

1. Audio Love Letter
My boyfriend and I are about to be separated again for school. What I did to help us cope with the distance (and the long drives) was find a lot of songs that either expressed my feelings for him, or had special meaning for us (like songs we had laughed about or did karaoke together, etc.). I wrote a "letter" on the CD with all the titles snuck in like "soon I'll be CALLING YOU again to tell you I love you." I made another copy of the CD for myself, and he's wrote a letter on it for me, too. As soon as he saw it he started to choke up!! It was such a great moment and just listening to it makes me feel close to him. I hope it works for you, too!

2. Message In A Bottle
When you're in a long distance relationship, all you can rely on is letters, cards, emails, and telephone calls. But my boyfriend came up with a creative way to send me a letter. I got a package from him one day and I found a bottle with a letter inside! It was really cute and melted my heart! Who isn't charmed by received a message in a bottle!

3. Dated...
This is not so much an idea, but something that I did for my love. I never believed in love at first sight until I met Micheal. It wasn't quite love at first sight, but following our first date, there were feelings inside me that went far beyond expression. I didn't want to say something that I may regret later, or more likely, something that would scare him away, but I had to let it out or I would simply explode. I sat down and wrote him a letter telling him of my feelings for him. I told him that I thought I was falling in love with him and that I thought he was absolutely wonderful. I put it in an envelope and mailed it to my own home, but with his name on the envelope. It was only a couple weeks later when he expressed that he felt the same feelings about me, and so I pulled the letter out of my drawer and handed it to him. Noticing the post-marked date, he read the letter with complete astonishment, and was totally charmed to know that I had fallen in love with him on our very first date.

4. Secret Admirer
I find that the most romantic gestures take a little time to do. Write a glorious infatuation letter, even better type it to conceal your handwriting. Try to make sure there are no tips to give you away, but put hints in it that would make her think it might be somebody else she knows. Use things you might know about her job, or places she might go, but things other people can also know. You might even scare her by telling her you followed her home. Sign it Your Secret Admirer, and send it to her by mail. Send flowers anonymously. Candy, Poetry, whatever you can think of. I set this up for a month, and when I let on who her secret admirer was, I never felt so gratified. It made her feel good that she thought she was still desirable, and when she found out it was me it made it all the better.

5. A letter hunt
My boyfriend told me that he would leave me a love note on my computer for when I got home. Well, he did just that and more. He sent me running around the house finding these little "clues" to where the real love letter was. After running up and down the stairs, finding clues in the cookie jar, ice cream container, under my pillow, in the bathroom, on the tv, and so on-he led me to the wine cellar in the basement where there sat a dozen roses with yet another "clue" as to where my love letter was. He had taped it to the back of the teddy bear he gave me for x-mas. It was the sweetest thing in the world even though I felt silly running through the house like I did.

6. A Single Rose Love Letter
Who says that flowers are only for girls? Guys love them too. I bought a beautiful rose for my boyfriend and plucked almost all of the petals off of it. Attached to each petal, I wrote one sentence on a small piece of paper (rolled up) telling him how much he means to me. I placed the petals face up so he couldn't see the messages. When he opened the box, he saw the left over plucked rose, a small note explaining what's behind each petal, and the petals underneath. I can honestly say that the reciever will cherish that gift forever. :o) My boyfriend did, and right after he confessed his love for me. To this day, he still takes out the dried rose petals to read each note that explains how much I admire and love him.

7. Say it with their name
Send your partner roses according to how many letters there name has. For example: "manny". You would buy 5 red roses and with each rose you would write a message starting with the first letter of their name. For example M: My love. You will never imagine how much I love you. Then for the second rose you would write: All that I ever have wanted is you and only you. then you would finish until you get to the letter Y. Before writing the note you must underline the first letter of every message. It will spell out his /her name. Then leave it where he/she will see it or just have it sent.

8. Floating love letter
Save the next empty wine bottle, the next time you surprise your partner with that bubble bath, write a love letter and stick it in the bottle, cork it and float it in the bath water : )

9. Love Notes
I love leaving little love notes around the house, but you want to make sure that you leave them where your love one will find them. Two ways this can be done.
(1) buy magnetic letters (bookstores sell) and place them on the refig., they are bound to go there sooner or later.
(2) use a soap bar and write your romantic message on the bathroom mirror. It won't do damage to mirror and is easy to get off with a little water.

10. Say it in a BIG way!
The other day I made a large envelope and a large note that said, "I love you in the biggest way!" I even went out on the Internet to download pictures of stamps and blew them up in size. Then I had the apartments where she lives call her to the office to pick up an "important" letter...

11. Book of Love
This is something I did for my boyfriend, and he loved it! I thought of My ten favorite things about him, then wrote a letter about each one and how much it meant to me. I put all the letters (after I'd spent tons of time perfecting and decorating them) together into a little book, and give it to him for our anniversary. Big success!!

12. Letter a day...
If your loved one is going away for vacation or a short trip, take a pink colored notepad and for each day that he's gone write a separate love letter, so that he can read one everyday and be close to you. (I tried it-- and it worked better than I thought!)

13. Love Letter Ideas
I like to send my boyfriend a letter (snail mail) every week. However, I want every letter to be as new and exciting as for him as the first, so I try to be creative. Some ideas:
- send a letter in a bottle (be extra careful with the packaging so it won't break)
-write a letter on the back of a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, then take it apart and let them put it together
-instead of sending a written letter, send a video cassette of yourself telling everything you want your special person to know.

14. Love Letter Ideas
I've found that one way to easily make an ordinary letter or package more special for somebody, is to decorate the package or envelope that you're sending. When one of my loves sent me a teddy bear, she lined the inside of the box with gift wrapping paper, and I still cherish that box to this day. If you've got a letter you wanna decorate, and you're not a good artist, then get some stickers. Too many of us forget about stickers after about grade school, but you can attach a cute or lovable sticker to anything at all, and whatever it touches will become special. A lot of restaurants and stores will have sticker dispensers that have those shiny, metallic stickers, they are superb. But don't just get the envelope, hit the letter itself, and be sure to perfume those pages. Perfumed pages are incredibly sensual. A good way to accomplish this is to put perfume on your wrist before you start writing. As your wrist moves across the paper, it'll be scented. Yet another thing you can do to make a letter more romantic is to write something on the flap, so the first thing your love sees when they open the envelope is an, "I love you" or something else. Before they even begin reading, they'll already be smitten with love.

15. In A Different Language
Write your loved one a long, romantic, handwritten letter in a different language (friends come awfully handy if you don't know that much). Give it to him/her with something you treasure (in my case, he gave me his lucky pen). They'll have a memorable time getting the letter translated, and they'll be inspired to do the same. *smile*

16. Laundry Surprise
If your loved one does your laundry, write a love letter and leave it in a pocket. On laundry day he/she will find it while checking for forget me's. Make sure to write his/her name on it so he/she will read it, not just toss it in the waste.

17. Word Power
When sending your loved one a card or letter, handwrite a word find puzzle on the envelope with the words "I Love You" hidden and ask her to find the hidden phrase. Nice little treat!

18. A Simple Letter of Love
A simple letter to show them how you feel usually makes them smile. My boyfriend and I are in high school and we were kind of fighting. Well, one day I went all day without seeing him at all. When school got out he was waiting for me by the doors and he handed me a letter and told me to open it. I opened it and all the way down the paper it said, "I love you." Then at the very bottom it said, "Hope this makes up for the times when I didn't say I love you or it didn't seem like I did. I'll always love you a million times more than what you think." I looked up and he kissed me right in front of his friends and sister. It was so sweet! See what a simple letter can do to make things better?

19. I Love You Blanket
Find out his favorite colors and make him a blanket preferably fleece and on one side using felt letters write something like "cover you in kisses" or "I Love you" or "Wrapping you in my love" or something like that. I'm giving it to my BF for christmas I hope it goes well!

20. Rescue Me!
I did this for my boyfriend and I's 1st anniversary, He loved it. OK, I got a big glass bottle with a cork on top. You glue sand on the out side, make sure that it looks like the bottle has been laying on the sand for a very long time. and glue shells,sea weed etc. Then some how get some one to draw you. (make sure you like) Then write a nice letter about how you two got together and how you feel now. Then roll the papers up and place then in the bottle. Oh an extra tip.. drop some perfume on the cork. Enjoy!

21. A Letter To Remember
Before your wedding write a letter to your husband to be and have them write one to you. Write about anything. But, focus on your relationship with that person. Then put both letters in a safe deposit box. On your 25th anniversary exchange letters that you wrote to each other.

22. A Ransom Note
Champagne, games, and roses are nice but can get very boring after a while. Instead, get creative and do something off the wall. My girlfriend has this stuffed animal that she adores and keeps on her bed. So I decided to kidnap the stuffed animal making a ransom note from cutting letters out of the news paper.In the letter it said " give me a McDonalds cheeseburger and a six pack of beer or your stuffed pig is pork." Then I took a picture of it on a plate with an apple by it and a fork and knife by the edge of the plate. I then placed the ransom letter and picture on her door. Of course when she saw it she new it was me but we had a fun time with it. She would make playful and sarcastic comments and of course I played back. Needless to say I gave the stuffed animal back making myself look like the hero and she rewarded me with a nite of love. However, your mate must have a good sense of hummor or you might spend the nite on the couch.

23. Candy Bar Card
For my boyfriend's birthday, I got a big poster board and I wrote him a letter using candy bars. It said things like you're better than the Three Musketeers, and meet me at 5th Avenue so I can see your Whatchamacalit. Then at the end I put little hugs and kisses. He absolutely loved it and still has it.

24. Covered In Love
Write a surprise love letter to your significant other on a bed sheet (the one you use to cover up with).

25. Butterflies
I was getting ready to go out with an old girlfriend I had not seen in five years. I was waiting for her to show up at my apartment and was very nervous. When she arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, more than I had remembered. She looked wonderful. Anyway we had a spectacular evening of dinner and dancing. After she left that evening I couldn't stop thinking about her so I decided send her a letter the following week. The letter had small stickers of butterflies I had placed all over it with a message that read "These are the butterflies you gave me last Friday when I heard you walking up the steps to my apartment. I thought you might like them back." She absolutely loved it!!

26. An Overlooked I Love You
Once, when my boyfriend and I were having a rough time on a special day, I cut out nine small paper hearts, wrote one letter of "I LOVE YOU!" on each, and colored them pink and red. I put the hearts in an envelope with a sheet of paper. On the paper I had made outlines of the hearts (from when I colored them) with nine overlooked reasons why I love him, one in each.

27. Message In A Bottle
For our one year anniversary, I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend, but I wasn't sure what to do. Then, while shopping at a craft store, I came upon a beautiful, blue bottle with a cork. Inspired by the recent movie, "Message in a Bottle", I wrote my boyfriend a three page letter reviewing the past year, and expressing my everlasting love for him. Then I tied the letter with a ribbon, put it in the bottle, put the cork in tightly, and then dated it. When I give it to him, he won't be allowed to open it...he will have to wait until the following year. A year later, as he opens the bottle from the previous year, he will be presented with another message in a bottle. Hopefully, we will be together long enough so that he will eventually have many, many bottles!!

28. Being There For Your Love!
Write your love a love letter using kiddie stickers that say things like "terrific" or "top notch" or the like. It's a colorful way to spice up an ordinary love letter and will be sure to make his/her day that you put in the extra time.
Source: http://www.lovingyou.com/

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why love is painful?

I AM in love, these are the beautiful words to hear, to say.. but is that true? Why we fall in love? Why suddenly a person is so important, so special in our life? Why we feel we just can’t live without him? Why this pain…? Why so much pain in love? Why?

Many of us can recognise the distressing symptoms that come with love. According to Dr Frank Tallis, author of love sick, falling in love may border on serious psychological disorder. But does it have to be that way? Is there an alternative to medication or therapy to ease the pain of love?

People go from one relationship to another, trying to avoid any deep involvement. With deep involvement problem have to be faced, much pain has to be gone through, so one simply plays safe; one makes it a point never to go too deeply into somebody. If one can involve deeply with somebody then one may get too entangled, and it will be difficult to escape; the pain may be much. So people learn how to play safe, hit and run love affairs. Before you can be caught... run.

This is what is happening in the modern world. People have become so childish. Maturity comes only when you are ready to face the pain, take the challenge. And to live peacefully and happily with another person is the greatest challenge in this world. It is very easy to live peacefully alone but very difficult with somebody else because two totally different worlds meet and collide.

Alone, one person feel lonely, sad and often asking himself/herself “what is the meaning of life?”: because the poetry arises only when you are together with somebody. Life takes a meaning only when you are in love. One part of mind thinks “love somebody, be love by somebody.” Another part of mind says, “beware, because each relationship turns out to be a problem.” Alone there are no problems – only you are the problem, there is no other problem – but with the other person many problems come. But one thing is sure if you avoid relationship, you will not grow, you will remain stuck.

When two people have fallen in love with each other, they drop their egos – at least for each other. They drop their hypocrisies, their masks. They want to be together, almost one soul within two bodies. That is desire of love and an alternative to medication or therapy to ease the pain of love…

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love you ? You know i do.

My body might be shallow to the touch
We don’t mind though,
Do we?
Do you?
These girls are inside-out
I hope you get me right side-in.

And I think of that one night,
Together, breathing, twisted
You saying you think I’m beautiful.
I tried so hard not to Cry.

Singing, skinny love, in your car
Do you remember how we started?

Never a tear touched my pillow then
So how come now, when everything is perfect
I wake up crying?
I think,
What will I do…
When this is over.

I told you once that I like how we do things.
No months.
You told me we do things right.
I think we should celebrate.

We are only this young for so many twisted nights.
I want you to have them.
I want you to have it.
Why am I crying, and
Why am I afraid to say
I love you? You know I do.

5 Easy Steps To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

1. Always clearly communicate how you feel.

2.Give the relationship some space. Avoid getting too clingy.

3.Find a middle ground and commit to make the relationship work.

4.Never lose your confidence and self-esteem. Don’t doubt your instincts or you will hurt yourself and the relationship will crumble.

5.Remember always be calm and patient. The effort will definitely be worth the wait.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Exclusive Friendships

An excellent and gentle man of my acquaintance has said, "When fifty-one per cent of the voters believe in cooperation as opposed to competition, the Ideal Commonwealth will cease to be a theory and become a fact."

That men should work together for the good of all is very beautiful, and I believe the day will come when these things will be, but the simple process of fifty-one per cent of the voters casting ballots for socialism will not bring it about.

The matter of voting is simply the expression of a sentiment, and after the ballots have been counted there still remains the work to be done. A man might vote right and act like a fool the rest of the year.

The socialist who is full of bitterness, fight, faction and jealousy is creating an opposition that will hold him and all others like him in check. And this opposition is well, for even a very imperfect society is forced to protect itself against dissolution and a condition which is worse. To take over the monopolies and operate them for the good of society is not enough, and not desirable either, so long as the idea of rivalry is rife.

As long as self is uppermost in the minds of men, they will fear and hate other men, and under socialism there would be precisely the same scramble for place and power that we see in politics now.

Society can never be reconstructed until its individual members are reconstructed. Man must be born again. When fifty-one per cent of the voters rule their own spirit and have put fifty-one per cent of their present envy, jealousy, bitterness, hate, fear and foolish pride out of their hearts, then socialism will be at hand, and not until then.

The subject is entirely too big to dispose of in a paragraph, so I am just going to content myself here with the mention of one thing, the danger to society of exclusive friendships between man and man, and woman and woman. No two persons of the same sex can complement each other, neither can they long uplift or benefit each other. Usually they deform the mental and spiritual estate. We should have many acquaintances or none. When two men begin to "tell each other everything," they are hiking for senility. There must be a bit of well-defined reserve. We are told that in matter solid steel for instance the molecules never touch. They never surrender their individuality. We are all molecules of Divinity, and our personality should not be abandoned. Be yourself, let no man be necessary to you. Your friend will think more of you if you keep him at a little distance. Friendship, like credit, is highest where it is not used.

I can understand how a strong man can have a great and abiding affection for a thousand other men, and call them all by name, but how he can regard any one of these men much higher than another and preserve his mental balance, I do not know.

Let a man come close enough and he'll clutch you like a drowning person, and down you both go. In a close and exclusive friendship men partake of others' weaknesses.

In shops and factories it happens constantly that men will have their chums. These men relate to each other their troubles they keep nothing back they sympathize with each other, they mutually condole.

They combine and stand by each other. Their friendship is exclusive and others see that it is. Jealousy creeps in, suspicion awakens, hate crouches around the corner, and these men combine in mutual dislike for certain things and persons. They foment each other, and their sympathy dilutes sanity by recognizing their troubles men make them real. Things get out of focus, and the sense of values is lost. By thinking some one is an enemy you evolve him into one.

Soon others are involved and we have a clique. A clique is a friendship gone to seed.

A clique develops into a faction, and a faction into a feud, and soon we have a mob, which is a blind, stupid, insane, crazy, ramping and roaring mass that has lost the rudder. In a mob there are no individuals all are of one mind, and independent thought is gone.

A feud is founded on nothing it is a mistake a fool idea fanned into flame by a fool friend! And it may become a mob.

Every man who has had anything to do with communal life has noticed that the clique is the disintegrating bacillus and the clique has its rise always in the exclusive friendship of two persons of the same sex, who tell each other all unkind things that are said of each other "so be on your guard." Beware of the exclusive friendship! Respect all men and try to find the good in all. To associate only with the sociable, the witty, the wise, the brilliant, is a blunder go among the plain, the stupid, the uneducated, and exercise your own wit and wisdom. You grow by giving have no favorites you hold your friend as much by keeping away from him as you do by following after him.

Revere him yes, but be natural and let space intervene. Be a Divine molecule.

Be yourself and give your friend a chance to be himself. Thus do you benefit him, and in benefiting him you benefit yourself.

The finest friendships are between those who can do without each other.

Of course there have been cases of exclusive friendship that are pointed out to us as grand examples of affection, but they are so rare and exceptional that they serve to emphasize the fact that it is exceedingly unwise for men of ordinary power and intellect to exclude their fellow men. A few men, perhaps, who are big enough to have a place in history, could play the part of David to another's Jonathan and yet retain the good will of all, but the most of us would engender bitterness and strife.

And this beautiful dream of socialism, where each shall work for the good of all, will never come about until fifty-one per cent of the adults shall abandon all exclusive friendships. Until that day arrives you will have cliques, denominations which are cliques grown big factions, feuds and occasional mobs.

Do not lean on any one, and let no one lean on you. The ideal society will be made up of ideal individuals. Be a man and be a friend to everybody.

When the Master admonished his disciples to love their enemies, he had in mind the truth that an exclusive love is a mistake. Love dies when it is monopolized. It grows by giving. Your enemy is one who misunderstands you why should you not rise above the fog and see his error and respect him for the good qualities you find in him?