Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Go, Tell that you love

MANY A times we forget to make our loved ones realise how much we love them. We sometimes take it for granted that they know how much we love them. However, it is when they remain no longer in our lives, only then, we realise what we missed. It is the time, in which we remain speechless, shocked at our loss.

If you do not cry or scream on the loss of a near and dear one that does not mean you never loved him/her but that the loss has left you with no words, no thoughts, it's left you in dark. that the way you feel you are unable to express.

This was exactly the case with me, when my mother expired last year, not a tear shed from my eyes. I was sad, definitely, but there were no tears in my eyes.. It was a shock that none of us would ever be able to overcome but probably, that is life.

I loved my mom but could never say that I loved her, that her presence in my life was of extreme importance and prominence. I regret today, when she is no longer here, the quality time I should have spent with her but never did. The things that I should have done for her but never did. And look! It is too late now to relive that time with her because she is no longer beside me.

Time waits for none, so live life as if there is no tomorrow. Meet people like you never meet them again. Share and care for each other as if you will never be together again.

Do not assume but just say it aloud to those you care for, how much they mean to you in your life, before it is too late.
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