Friday, April 9, 2010

Girlfriend - How to Know If She is Cheating You

A cheating girlfriend is much easier to discover than a cheating boyfriend because the girl is more emotionally driven and express her feeling more than a man. There are several things to do in order to unveil a cheating girlfriend and know if she is playing around or not. Some people think that you need to hire a detective or a photographer to snoop on her and report back to you with information and photographs. This could be a very expensive method that you do not need in order to discover a cheating girlfriend.
A girl's cell phone is her week point so, if you feel that she is talking on her cell phone more than before then this could mean that she is talking to someone else and you need to know who this is. Knowing the person on the other end is not that difficult and you do not need to listen to her calls in order to find out the identity of that person.
All you need to do is to check the phone numbers that she had been calling recently and run a small search through reverse phone books and you will be able to discover who she is calling regularly.
Check her cell phone from time to time and see if there are numbers that repeat regularly or not. If you find a number that she had been calling regularly during a short period of time then type this number in one of the websites offering reverse phone lookup searching and you will be able to unveil this cheating girlfriend easily.
Reverse phone books will tell you who the owner of the number is and through this service you will be able to tell if this person is in relation with your girlfriend or not. You do not need to go and talk to him but, you can check his address and see if your girlfriend's vehicle stops there or not.
For example, your girlfriend is telling you that she will spend the day out with friends that you do not know then, during the day, go to the address you have in hand and see if her car is parked there or not. This may be useful in some cases. Give your cheating girlfriend a call and see if she would answer or not, this will help you to make sure of your findings.


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